Admin portal integration (Angular)


Prerequisite: Complete Frontegg Authentication integration

If you haven't integrated Frontegg Authentication into your application, please integrate it before moving to Admin Portal integration. Read about how to add Frontegg to your application.

Admin Portal Integration

Embed the admin portal into your application by following this guide.

For Frontegg admin portal integration, we will import the FronteggAppService from the @frontegg/angular package and use showAdminPortal method when clicking on the relevant button.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { FronteggAppService } from '@frontegg/angular';

  selector: 'show-admin-portal',
  template: '<button (click)="showAdminPortal()">Show Admin Portal</button>',
export class ShowAdminPortalComponent {
  constructor(private fronteggAppService: FronteggAppService) { }

  showAdminPortal(): void {

You are good to go! You should now see the admin portal in your application and able to use our full self-served experience with your product.