About Frontegg

Introducing our full-stack user management platform

Our story

Frontegg was founded in 2019 by Sagi Rodin (CEO), and Aviad Mizrachi (CTO) with the goal to modernize B2B SaaS user management. While working together at Check Point, they experienced firsthand the wasted engineering effort that went into building the same user management and authentication features that otherwise could've been invested in building the core product.

They set out to solve this problem by building a modern, all-in-one user management solution tailor-made for the unique needs of B2B SaaS companies.

Frontegg isn't just an authentication platform; it's your growth accelerator and partner. As a pioneer in customer identity solutions, we offer seamless integration that's easy to integrate in mere 5 lines of code. But don't let the simplicity of integration fool you— It is by no means compromising Frontegg's advanced offering— encompassing features from modern authentication flows to the most advanced user and account management capabilities.

Beyond Authentication

At Frontegg, we are not just about authentication; we're about revolutionizing the way you engage with your users and secure their data. From basic authentication processes to intricate use cases, Frontegg is your all-in-one solution to cover your business needs from the basic to the utmost advanced.
While user management might start at authentication, it certainly doesn't stop there. Modern applications demand more: a solution that effortlessly connects user identities with their data, all while maintaining ironclad security and unwavering privacy standards.