Unlock self-service SaaS features for your customers ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

The Frontegg Admin Portal allows you to offer SaaS features to your customers from within your application by way of the Admin Portal.

First, integrate the Admin Portal. Next, make SaaS features available to your customers from within the Admin Portal by simply toggling features, adding configuration information where necessary, and granting access.

Admin Portal Features

Choose which Admin Portal features to offer your customers from our robust set of SaaS features that include:

  • Profile - Customize & personalize user profile page
  • Privacy & Security - Experience the luxury of top notch Privacy & Security
  • Account Details - Organize account info in one place
  • Users - Manage users easily & effectively all in one place
  • SSO - Offer customers a seamless experience with the login provider of their choice
  • Audit Logs - Empower users with full visibility and control over their accountโ€™s activity
  • API Tokens - Users can generate & manage API tokens for backend authorization
  • Webhooks - Extend the functionality of your app by sending webhook notifications to your customers

If you have not already, integrate the Admin Portal and start working with our self-service modules.

You can explore the Admin Portal features in the Builder under the Profile, Collaboration, Engagement, and Monetization.


Integrate Portal

Integration takes just a few minutes. Start now!


If you are new to Frontegg, follow the Quickstart for the complete Frontegg setup.

Activate Modules

Enable and configure self-service SaaS features for your customers.

Go to Builder โžœ Home and click on any of the modules to activate and configure specific features.


For instance, clicking on the Profile module takes you to the Profile tab in the builder where you can enable and configure Profile-related features for your SaaS customers to use in the Admin Portal.



By default, the Profile Settings are automatically enabled when you integrate Frontegg into your app. You can disable Profile Settings only if you have one or more other features enabled for the Admin Portal. You must always have at least one feature enabled for the Admin Portal.

When you turn on a feature in the Builder, you can preview live in the Builder what it looks like in the Admin Portal.

For instance, in the image below where Profile settings, Personal tokens, and Account settings are toggled on, you see in the preview all three features in the Admin Portal sidebar.


Commit and publish your changes, and then visit the Admin Portal from your application. You should see the new features in the sidebar.


Consider whether you need to update the configurations in any of your other Frontegg environments when configuring a feature.

After enabling a feature inside a specific module, you should see in the Builder the option to edit that module.


Clicking the edit button for a module takes you to that module's tab in the Builder.

Grant Access

In addition to which features you enable, the options a user sees in the Admin Portal depends up on the user's roles and permissions.

Therefore, even if a feature is turned on the the Builder, a user must have a role with permissions that gives the user read or write access to that particular feature.

Learn more about Managing Roles and Managing Permissions.

Guides For Specific Modules

Find more information about the modules in the links below.