Personal Tokens

Frontegg personal tokens are user-specific role-based API tokens generated and used by tenant users.

Personal API tokens can be used for things like handling SAML flows, backend integrations, using Frontegg SDKs, configuring social logins, and more.

Enabling Personal Tokens in the Admin Portal

If you'd like to let your customers users create and manage their own API tokens, go to the Builder, Experience, and then Admin Portal tab, and toggle on Personal tokens (placed in the Personal subsection). By doing that, a "Personal Tokens" tab will appear in the Admin Portal.


As with everything Frontegg offers, you can configure which roles can do what with regard to personal tokens in the Roles and Permissions section of every environment.

There are three personal tokens permissions that can be assigned to roles:

Read personal tokens - Lets users read their own tokens

Write personal tokens - Lets users create and edit their own tokens

Delete personal tokens - Lets users delete their own tokens