Our Offering

Frontegg's solutions redefine the norm. Our platform empowers our customers with robust account management capabilities, offering unprecedented granularity and flexibility. Our holistic approach seamlessly integrates our solution into any software application, delivering enterprise-ready functionalities enveloped in stunning and customizable UI interfaces.

Discover a new level of extraordinary with Frontegg:

Multi-Tenant Architecture: Our multi-tenant design ensures that your platform can accommodate every use case. From authentication and authorization to complex account hierarchies, entitlements, and more, Frontegg has you covered.

Advanced Entitlement and Granular Access Control: Take control with granular precision. Frontegg empowers you to define access controls, so you can enable powerful context-based Identity solutions for app builders and product teams. Read more about our Entitlements Engine.

Partnering for Success: For MSPs, we've taken it a step further. Frontegg now enables you to extend complex account hierarchies for self-service. This means your partners and resellers can independently manage sub-accounts using the Frontegg Admin Portal. Give them the power to create, manage, and oversee sub-accounts and users, all while maintaining role inheritance and branch hierarchy access.

Elevate Your SaaS Growth with Frontegg

From fundamental authentication flows to the most complex use cases, Frontegg has got you covered.

Our platform offers innovative security solutions for user and identity management, powered by seamless customer experiences. Frontegg is the only platform that provides a complete user management experience, with a customizable Admin Portal layer for your end users. It takes minutes to integrate, and forever to forget about.

We believe that while user management starts at auth, it doesn’t end there. Modern applications need a user management solution that connects identities to user data, without compromising on security or privacy.

User management doesn’t stop at Authentication, it just starts there.

We offer a super-powerful authentication experience, but user management doesn’t end there. Integrating Frontegg’s Profile-management and Admin-Portal layer empowers your application with a multi-tenant secure backend infrastructure that is completely granular and fully managed. And this is just the beginning. At the end of the day, powering up your app with a superior level of independence means making a real stretch towards advanced product features with powerful back-office insight and analytics.

Why Frontegg is Different​

  • Blazing-fast integration - A few lines of code are all it takes to have Frontegg’s entire platform suite in your app.
  • Innovative security methods - Our comprehensive suite of security features includes multi-factor authentication (MFA), bot detection, robust encryption, and more — all working together seamlessly to shield your organization from unauthorized access, data breaches, and the ever-growing security complexities of the digital world.
  • Top-notch customer experiences - While our solution is API-based, we don't compromise on our incredible UI. You get the full package.
  • Complex use-case coverage - From complex organizational structures (multi-tenancy) to finely-grained authorization and user entitlements, Frontegg covers all your business-case questions.