Frontegg logs allow you to view and analyze activity on the platform. You can use this feature for troubleshooting and debugging, as well as for monitoring your users' activity.

The logs are searchable and filterable by different criteria such as the date and event type.

This feature can be accessed through a dedicated Logs section in the portal. The logs are open to “Admin” and “Backoffice editor/viewer” roles.



The Logs will start to appear after completing the basic Frontegg integration and will include logs for the events that are mentioned in the list of logged events.

Viewing logs

Logs section in your account is located under Frontegg Portal ➜ [NAME OF ENVIRONMENT] ➜ Backoffice ➜ Logs

Here you will find a list of the latest events. Click on the relevant event to open a detailed view of the log, which will provide you with more information about the events.


To filter log data, simply use the filter where you can select specific criteria, such as date range, account, actor (who performed the action), and event type.

Data retention

The logs are retained for 7 days before deletion. If you need longer log retention, please contact us.

List of events

Here is a list of events currently logged by the platform