Required SDK versions for Entitlement are:

React 6.0.25
Angular 6.17.0
Vue.js 3.0.17
Vanilla.js 6.175.0

Node.js 5.3.0


Features are the resources you want to protect in your app. The features page is where you add your app features to and create a key that links the two.

How to manage features for your app

To add a new feature, you will need to jump over to the Settings tab:

  1. Click “add new feature”
  2. Add feature name - the internal name of the feature
  3. Add description (optional)
  4. Add key - create a key that you intend to use in your code. (key validation)

Permission tab

You can assign related permissions to the feature if you would like to protect the resource using the useEntitlementsPermission function. This function will allow you to protect a resource by using permissions only.


If you are not assigning permissions you can use the function useFeatureEntitlementsread more in the SDK (link)

You can assign as many permissions as you wish to one feature. The best practice here would be to add the relevant permissions to the feature. For example; if you have an “SSO” feature, you can add sso.read and sso.write to the permission list [link to permission doc]. If a user will have one of the permissions (granted by their role), they will be entitled to use the SSO feature.

In order to link permission to a feature follow these steps:

  1. Click on the permission tab
  2. Click "Assign permissions"
  3. Choose the relevant permissions
  4. Click Assign permissions and save.

Next steps

When adding a new feature, users won't access it until you'll assign it into a bundle and grant the bundle to users or accounts. Go to feature bundle guide to learn how to create and manage a bundle.