Backoffice Overview

Gain control on all your accounts and users. Managing your users and accounts is easy - track new users and accounts, analyze their engagement, and control their access.


Onboarding Toolkit

Before making changes to your Backoffice, we recommend that you'll become familiar with the integration steps outlined in the Onboarding Toolkit page.

Account management

  • Get important metrics on your accounts: new accounts, active accounts, and number of average users per account.
  • View a list of all your accounts and quickly figure out which ones are new, which ones are more engaged (by number of users or by number of visits).
  • Add new account.
  • Drill-down to each account to see its users, and take actions such as edit account details, change the account security policy or SSO configurations.Accounts


Account Management

Learn more about accounts management here.

User management

  • Get important metrics on your users (cross-accounts): new users, active users, number of verified users and number of locked users.
  • See the list of all your users and understand easily from the view and filters which users are new, which users are active, with what role, their status and their engagement.
  • Add new users and take actions on each user: edit user role, lock user, add user to another account, delete users, etc.


User Management

Learn more about managing your users here.

Logs and Account monitoring

Logs in your Frontegg portal allow you to view and analyze activity performed within your app and on additional third-party apps you are integrated with. You can use this feature for troubleshooting and debugging, and to monitor your users' activity. Learn more about Logs.


Logs and Logged Events

Learn more about managing monitoring your Logs.