Custom Webhooks

Custom webhooks enable direct integration with third-party tools
 by adjusting the webhook message format
to their requirements.

Creating a new custom webhook connection

  1. In your Frontegg Portal, go to Environments ➜ [NAME OF ENVIRONMENT] ➜ Integrations.
  2. Click on the Connect button next to Webhooks, fill the webhook details for display name choose the events you want to subscribe to.
  3. Toggle on Webhook custom payload and click Create.

Customizing the payload data

Edit the payload data to match your needs, use double curly brackets syntax to reference data from the event, For example:

  "email" : {{{}}

Using the double curly brackets syntax our editor will autocomplete for you the relevant fields for each event:

If you need to configure authentication for the API you're using, you can do so in the Auth Type tab.

Configure headers

If you need to configure special headers for the API you're using, you can do so in the Headers tab.