Integrations Overview

Explore the wide array of integrations available through Frontegg, including Webhooks, Third-Party Integrations, and Prehooks.

Frontegg's Integrations

Frontegg offers a range of integrations with popular services such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Twilio. These integrations are designed to simplify the process of incorporating these services into your workflows. The step-by-step instructions provided for each integration make it easy to set up and customize your connections.

For cases where a desired platform is not available as a preset integration, we offer the possibility of using custom webhooks. This approach enables you to configure your own webhook connections, ensuring that even unique integration needs are met.

Featured Integrations

Frontegg offers the following integrations. Check the associated guide for each integration to learn more.


Webhooks serve as bridges between applications, enabling real-time communication and action-triggering. In essence, a webhook is an HTTP callback that allows one application to send data to another application automatically when a specific event occurs. It eliminates the need for constant polling of data by enabling systems to be notified when relevant events happen. Learn more about how to subscribe to Webhooks in Frontegg.

Third-Party Integration Webhooks

Third-Party Integration Webhooks is the practice of linking different software systems, often provided by different vendors, to work together seamlessly. This integration facilitates the exchange of data, enabling systems to leverage each other's features and functionalities. This can significantly enhance productivity and provide more comprehensive solutions to users. Learn more about Third-Party Integrations Webhooks


Prehooks are a concept unique to the Frontegg platform, are pre-built custom webhooks designed for frequently used services like Slack, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, and more. These prehooks offer a straightforward way to connect with popular tools and services, allowing businesses to automate workflows and actions more efficiently. Learn more about Prehooks