Feature Bundles


The feature bundle is a stack of features/capabilities that you are able to assign to users or accounts.

How to manage feature bundles for your app

To create a feature bundle follow these steps;

  1. Click on "add new feature bundle"
    1. Name - add a relevant name to the bundle
    2. Advanced (trial mode)
      1. Grant to all new accounts - meaning that on an account creation, the account will be granted automatically to the bundle. This ability allows you to create an automatic trial.
      2. Indefinite or time-bound - choose if you want to limit the time of the bundle you assign to account/users. Taking Trial as an example, you can create a 30 day trial automatically to new accounts when created.
  2. description - optional - add a description you want
  3. metadata - optional - add any field to the bundleโ€™s metadata.
  4. Click Save to add the new bundle.

Once you created a feature bundle enter the feature bundle page in order to assign and edit features, accounts, and users.

Choose the bundle you want to manage

  1. Assign features - add features to the feature bundle
  2. Assign accounts - add accounts to the feature bundle. All users under an account are granted a feature bundle when an account is assigned.
  3. Assign users - add specific users to the feature bundle

Creating a time limited bundle

For accounts and users, you can limit manually the expiration for the entitlement. This capability allows you to control access and grant time-bound access for different reasons.


If a user is being granted the same feature bundle with different time expirations, they will be entitled to the longest time regardless