Impossible Travel

Impossible travel refers to a situation where a user's actions suggest that they have accessed a particular system or resource from two different geographic locations in an impossibly short amount of time.

For example, if a user logs into their email account from New York and then, within a span of just a few minutes, appears to log in from London, it would be considered impossible travel. This kind of activity often indicates a security breach or a compromised account, as it would be physically impossible for a person to travel between those two distant locations in such a short period.


There are no prerequisites for detecting impossible travel.

Configure Impossible Travel

In the Frontegg Portal

You can choose from the following actions when a user commits impossible travel:

  1. Allow - Let the user continue to the app
  2. Challenge - Challenge the user with MFA. If they pass, let them continue to the app
  3. Block - Block the login attempt

How the end user experiences impossible travel on login

  1. Allow - The user is allowed to continue to the app
  2. Challenge - The user will get an MFA challenge. If they pass, they continue to the app. If they fail, their login gets blocked.
  3. Block - The user will get a failed login message.

Notify end users of impossible travel

You can choose to notify users when their is a brute force attack on their account by checking the relevant checkbox.

Analyzing impossible travel in your App

Security Events

If you’re curious how many times impossible travel events happen in your app, you can see them over time, along with where they happened in Security Events.


Coming soon!