Login Box Features

Login Box Features

Your login features encompass a range of methods designed to offer your customers versatile and secure sign-in options in your login box. These options include:

Passkeys: Elevate security measures by integrating passkeys as an additional layer of authentication when users login to your app. Passkeys add an extra level of protection, enhancing user account security and data privacy. Learn more about Adding Passkeys.

SSO (Single Sign-On): Simplify the authentication process for users by allowing them to sign on via their OpenID or SAML accounts. Enhance their experience without compromising their security. Learn more about Adding SSO.

Social Login: Streamline user onboarding by integrating popular social media platforms, enabling users to sign in using their existing social accounts. This eliminates the need for creating new credentials and fosters a seamless user experience. Learn more about Adding Social Login.

Email Sign-On: Provide a traditional yet effective method for users to sign in using their email addresses. Ensure a secure authentication process that's familiar to users and that they can control. Email sign on also allows you to leverage the use of magic link or magic code for passwordless authentication in case a user forgets their credentials. Learn more about Email Sign On

User Sign-Up: Facilitate easy account creation for users through a straightforward email sign-up process. This method ensures that new users can quickly join your platform and access its features. User Approval: Implement user approval mechanisms to let your customers agree to your terms of use and privacy policy while signing up. Learn more about User Signup.

User Approvals: Let your users to show their consents to your Terms of use and Privacy policy while signing up. Learn more about User Approvals