Domain Restriction (User Sign-up)

To enhance control over user activity in your app, Frontegg offers Account Domain Restriction within your environment settings, allowing you to either allow or block user sign-ups when users belonging to specific domains are trying to access your app. This option becomes especially useful if you want to fine-grain user traffic in to allow/restrict users from accessing it.

Allow Specific Domains to Sign up

Allow Specific Domains to Sign-up



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Use Cases

Let's say you aim to enhance user control in your application by implementing Frontegg's Domain Restriction feature. By enabling this functionality, you want to regulate user sign-ups based on specific domain criteria.

Within your environment settings, navigate to your Domain tab, and in your Account Sign-up Restrictions, choose whether to Deny (specific domains), Allow (specific domains) or Deny Public Domain
The administrator will then input the domains from which users can sign up. For example, "" and "". With domain restrictions enabled, users attempting to sign up with email addresses outside the specified domains are notified that their sign-up is restricted.

Feature highlights

Domain restriction offers the following finely-grained options:

  • Deny Only - Users belonging to domains in this list are blocked from signing up.
  • Allow Only - Users belonging to domains in this list are the only ones allowed to sign up for an account in this environment (see note).
  • Deny Public Domain - Users with emails from public domains (e.g., Gmail/yahoo) are restricted from signing up to this environment.


Environment specific settings

Note that account sign-up settings are not inflicted on all of your environments when enabled in one of them. You need to enact those settings seperately to initiate the settings in specific environments.

Account sign-up restrictions setup

To set account restrictions by domain, go to your Environment -> Environment Settings -> Domains -> Account sign-up restrictions. Here, you can either Deny domains, Allow domains, or deny all public domain emails.

Denying all Public Domain Emails

Deny all public domains from signing-up

Deny Specific Domains to Sign up

Deny Specific Domains from signing-up

Domain Restriction via API

Check out our API Reference to perform domain restriction via API.