Account details

All Frontegg users have their own account details that they can manage. A user can enter information for:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Timezone
  • Currency

To enter and edit information their account details, the user needs to go to their Frontegg Dashboard Account Details.

Brand login box

Your customers can adjust their login box style; upload logo, update primary color, and change position of social logins, from the Admin portal. This capability is related to “custom login box” feature, which allows you as the vendor configure a unique login page using query params or a subdomain. Read more about custom login box here.


This is what you need to do to allow your customers to adjust the login box style within the admin portal;

  1. Create a custom login box for your customer (account) in the backoffice. To create the custom login box, follow this guide.

  2. Go to “Roles” tab in the Backoffice of the relevant environment your are testing (or production), and add to the desired role (for example Admin role) a new permission - fe.account-settings.write.custom-login-box in Account settings” category.


This guide refers only to customized login box made for a specific account. If an account does not have a customized login box, then no user under this account will be able to edit the login box regradless to any permission given.


Every end user with the permission described above can now adjust the following style options

  1. Login page logo
  2. Login page primary color (impacts the main button)
  3. Social logins position - placed on top of the login or at the bottom of the login page

The user needs to:

  1. Login to their account
  2. Open the Admin box
  3. Navigate to Account details

  1. Move to “Brand login box” tab

  1. Click save after you make changes in order to apply them to your login screens.

Brand login box configurations


Edit logo by uploading an image (max size 1mb and type .png, .jpeg, .jpg), or use “Image URL” and paste a valid URL of an image.

Primary color

Choose a color and opacity percentage, the color will impact the main CTA for all login pages (login, sign up, activate page, and more).

Social login position

Decide whether to have the social login on top of the login page or at the bottom by clicking the radio button.


Reflection in the backoffice

the changes done on the Admin Portal by the user will be reflected in the custom login box in the backoffice and the opposite. So you as the vendor can always see the latest version in the backoffice.



The preview on the right will give an indication of the changes but in order to view the real login page, try logging out and reviewing the real login page.

Revoking access

The way to revoke the capability of adjusting the login box style is to remove the permission fe.account-settings.write.custom-login-box from the role it has been added to.

Supported versions

frontegg-angular - 5.30.0
frontegg-react - 5.0.39
frontegg-vue - 2.0.35
frontegg-next-js - 7.0.10