Google Login

To enable your users to login with Google, you are required to create an application with Google to serve as the OAuth provider.

Step-By-Step Guide

Follow the steps to below to configure Google login.

Step 1: Open Project

In order to create your OAuth application, go to your Google Developers Console. In the dropdown at the top of the page, select your project.

Step 2: Create Credentials

Open the Credentials menu. Click on Create Credentials and select "OAuth Client ID".

Follow the instructions to create and configure the consent screen.

Enter your application name and contact email. Then complete the numbered steps for building the consent screen.

Step 3: Create Client ID

Return to Credentials menu and create an OAuth2 Client ID.

Step 4: Enter Credentials In Frontegg

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from Google.

Go to Authentication ➜ Settings ➜ Social Logins, click on the Google Login configure button and enter your Google Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URL.

Step 5: Test Google Button

On your login screen, you should see a Google button that redirects to the Google OAuth Consent screen for login. Test it to make sure it works.


Set Who Can Login With Google

By default, only invited users can login with Google. If you want to allow new users to signup with Google, go to Authentication ➜ Settings ➜ Authentication flow and enable Allow Signups.

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