Multi-apps Admin Portal Permissions

User Permissions (Multi-apps)

Your tenants can manage their users' scope of actions, permission, and access within the Admin portal, by assigning them the relevant permissions. When it comes to actions related to Multi-apps, users can assign/view/remove users to or from applications as part of their permissions. Note that Fronteggs' default admin role already includes permissions related to multi-apps, but you can adjust and change them anytime. The permissions are:

  • Read application - see which applications are assigned to which users.
  • Assign users with application access.
  • Remove users from application.

The following table lists the permissions, categories, and their associated keys.

Read user applicationAccount
Assign users to
Remove user from


Hosted Admin Portal

We encourage you to use the Hosted Admin Portal configuration to provide users with better UX experience. Usign the hosted admin method ensures that when users use multiple applications, they will open in a separate full screen mode.