Security Rules

Frontegg apps come with 7 built-in defenses. Each one of them can be configured to do something different when they get triggered. For example, you can choose to allow stale users to continue to your app but block them if they try to use a breached password.

Here are the options for each one:

Let the user continue to your appChallenge the user with MFA. If they pass, let them continueBlock the user from logging inLock the user immediately
Bot detectionIdentifies malicious bots, preventing potential security threats
New deviceAnalyzes device characteristics to detect potential security threats
Brute force protectionDetect repeated failed login attempts to prevent unauthorized access
Breached passwordBlocks the use of passwords known to have been compromised in data breaches
Impossible travelDetect login attempts from different locations within an unreasonably short timeframe
Suspicious IPsIdentify suspicious IPs activity and either detect and allow or prevent the threat
Stale usersAutomatically deactivates inactive user accounts to reduce security risks

When you want to change your policy on a defense Frontegg offers, users with an Admin Role can do so from the Security Rules page in any environment.