The admin portal’s users screen is where customers can manage their team and invite other users to join.

Read below to learn more about actions users can take.


A user must be assigned to a tenant

Go to the tenants screen to create a tenant and assign your first user to it.

Enable User Management

To allow customers to manage and invite team members, go to Self-Service ➜ Builder ➜ Setup.

Find Users and toggle its switch on.


After toggling the switch on, customers should see in their Frontegg Dashboard a link to Users.


Invite Users From The Admin Portal

Customers can invite a new user from the admin portal.

Go to Self-Service ➜ Users.

To invite a new user, click on the Add New button.


Complete the form and send. The prospective user will receive an email invitation to join.


Instead of inviting users through the admin portal, your customers can send invite links.


Invite Links

Read the guide below to learn how to use invite links to invite users. When using invite links, you can assign roles to the user after they accept the link.

Allow Users To Send Invite Links

This guide teaches you how to configure your application so that your users can invite their team members to your application using an invite link.

Step 1: Enable Links In Portal

Go to Self-Service ➜ Users.

Enable to invite link toggle to on.


Step 2: Customize Email

When using invite links, you can give customers the power to decide whether to receive an email when a prospective user uses an invite link. This step teaches how.

To configure this feature, click on the Customize Email Template button.

A form appears where you can enable or disabled the ability for a user to choose whether to receive email notifications.

To activate, toggle the switch at the top right corner to Active.


If active, the user will have the option to choose whether to receive an email notification when someone uses the link. If inactive, the user will not have the option and therefore will not receive an email.


User Choice

The user chooses whether to receive email notifications when generating the invite link. You do not need to enable email notifications in order for your users to use invite links.

If you activate this feature, you also should configure the email template with your information. For instance, you should enter your information for From, From Name, Subject, and Message Body.

Clicking the expand button in the Message section makes it easier to customize the HTML.

After configuring the admin portal for invite links, users can now create and use invite links to invite people to join.

Step 3: Create Invite Link

To access the form for creating an invite link, navigate to the Users page on the Admin Portal. Click the Invite User button.


Step 4: Find Invite Link

Upon clicking the Invite User button, a dialog appears with a copy invite link button. The inviting user can click it and send to whoever they want to invite.

After clicking the invite link button, the user has the option to configure the link. They should do any configuring before sending the link. Read below to learn more.



Invite links without the form

The dialog also has a form with inputs for a user. Those inputs are not for the invite link. Instead, those inputs are for when you invite a user using the green invite button, not the invite link.

Step 5: Configure Invite Link

After clicking the invite link, the user should see the option to edit the link settings. Configure the settings for the invite link by clicking on Edit link settings.


The user who is creating the invite link can choose when the invite link expires and also can choose whether to be notified by email when someone uses the invite link.



Email Template In Action

If the user selects to be notified when someone uses their invite link, the user will receive a copy of the email template completed in one of the previous steps.

Step 6: Save and Send

Click save. The inviting user is ready to copy and send the invite link. Copy it by clicking Copy invite link. The user can send it however they like.

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