Publishing changes


After setting up your project in the Builder, you may want to make changes.
Read below to learn how to edit your login box, security settings, and more within the builder.


Whenever you edit settings and change styles in the Builder, be sure to publish them to see your changes take effect!

Publishing changes

Step 1: click on Go To Builder

Go to Home and click on the button to visit the Builder.


Step 2: Make changes

Edit configuration or change design style in App settings or the Experience tabs.
Before you make any changes, you will see a disabled "Review to Publish" button. Once you'll add any change, the button will be enabled.


Step 3: Click "Review to Publish"

Click the button in order to review the changes you made. In the example below, Microsoft login was disabled and Slack login enabled.


Step 4: Add a description to your changes

This description will appear when you or other colleagues will push the changes forward to other environments.
Then, click "Publish to development"


Within the builder, you can publish changes only to the development environment. Later on, on each of the environments you will be able to publish your changes to the next environments.

Once you clicked "Publish to development" you should receive a success message as the following.
If you receive a failure message, refresh the page and try again.

You can go ahead and test your changes in Development or continue building your project further.


Publishing changes between environments

So far you've published changes from the builder to the development environment. In order to test (or manage in production) your changes on other environments, you'd have to push these changes between Development -> Staging -> QA -> Production (you don't have to set up all environments mentioned)

Steps to push changes between environments

  1. Go to the Homepage
  2. Go to the Development environment
  1. Click on "Publish to Staging" - If you have another activated environment it will show on the button.
  2. Review the changes with all descriptions you've added in the past
  1. Click "Publish to Staging"

Next steps

  1. Test the changes made in the next environment
  2. Revert if needed
  3. Push to another environment (push the changes from each environment to the next one)