Follow the guides below to integrate and configure Frontegg for your application.

In a matter of minutes, sign up for Frontegg, integrate the Login Box and Admin Portal, and start using Frontegg in your application both in development and live in production.


Get Started

The first step is to sign up for Frontegg and integrate our Login Box and Admin Portal into your application.

In the guide, you sign up for Frontegg, enter your company name, customize the styles for your Login Box, select your authentication flow, and enter your security settings.


Login Box Integration

After completing the Sign up & Integrate guide, the next step is to add the Frontegg Login Box to your application.

In the guide, you select your application's tech stack, select and configure your Frontegg environment, and open the Login Box in the browser to test that it is working.

After integrating the Login Box, users can sign in to your application using the Login Box that you customized during sign up.


Admin Portal Integration

After integrating the Login Box, add the Admin Portal to your application.

In the guide, you add the Admin Portal to your application, visit it in the browser, configure the settings, and grant access to users based on roles and permissions.

After integrating the Admin Portal, users can access their profile information and Frontegg services from your application.



Learn more about roles and permissions to customize who has access to Admin Portal features.


After sign up and integration, learn how to work with Frontegg environments.

Frontegg environments allow you to efficiently and effortlessly manage your development and production flows. Test all the Frontegg capabilities in a development environment and seamlessly deploy live to production.

In each Frontegg environment, configure and manage accounts, users, activity logs, authorization, authentication, hooks, emails, and more.


Configure the roles and permissions in each environment to start customizing roles and permissions for your application.

Frontegg's roles and permissions make it easy to control which users can access which features in the Admin Portal and to protect specific areas of your application.


Design and configure the authentication experience for your application for each environment.

Frontegg's user authentication options make it easy and secure for users to sign up and sign in to your application.


Configure social logins, SSO, and other authentication options in the environments settings. Check out the guides for adding social logins and adding SSO.


After signing up, integrating the Login Box and Admin Portal, and configuring your environments, start working with other Frontegg features to enhance user experience and make your business more efficient.

While exploring the Frontegg Portal and our documentation, be sure to check out the following: