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Intro to OpenSaaS

Frontegg OpenSaaS for Your Business

Frontegg OpenSaas is a fully bundled SaaS application with both backend & frontend components.

  • Frontegg OpenSaas runs on top of Node.js, GraphQL, ES6, Typescript and React.
  • Frontegg OpenSaaS allows you to set up quickly a full featured SaaS website and to start doing business.

Powered By Leading Standards

Frontegg OpenSaaS utilizes leading industry standards:

OpenSaaS Frontend

The OpenSaaS frontend is based on React and includes an Apollo Client for GraphQL operations.

UI Elements

The frontend comes bundled with a fully enabled dashboard including UI elements based on Bootstrap and Material UI.

Dashboard and Charts

The frontend is bundled with Recharts which includes a fully enabled dashboard with business charts (line, donut, pie) as well as data hooks which load data from the backend directly.

OpenSaaS Backend

The OpenSaaS backend includes two microservices and an API gateway implemented in Node.js over Typescript (including full support for GraphQL data query).


The microservices are bundled with samples for data handling on PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Note that in order to run the full backend, the Docker software is required.

OpenSaaS Features

The Frontegg OpenSaaS application offers plugged in Frontegg-powered SaaS features which are FULLY MANAGEABLE:

  • Identity Management (login, forgotten password).

  • Authorization Management (role/permission handling).

  • Team Management (inviting new users and revoking access).

  • Profile component including MFA and password change.

  • Tenant management including back office.

  • Fully-enabled notifications center including:

    • Slack
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Webhook
    • Webpush
    • Bell
  • Report Mechanism:

    • Interacting with your customers by sending them daily, weekly or monthly reports with timely product information.
    • Hosting customer reports with in-app components - allowing customers to schedule their own reports and view current status.

OpenSaaS on Github

For more information, visit us on Github at:

Frontegg OpenSaaS Dashboard on Github
Frontegg OpenSaaS Resources on Github

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Intro to OpenSaaS

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