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Follow the steps below to sign up for Frontegg and integrate it into your application.

It takes just 5 minutes.

You and your customers can start using it immediately.

Configure Login

The first step is to configure your login box.

The login box is what your customers use to log in to your application.

You can configure how it looks and how it works.

In the steps below, you will:

  • Sign up for Frontegg
  • Enter your company name
  • Customize the styles for the login box
  • Select your authentication flow
  • Enter your security settings

STEP 1: Sign up

To start configuring your login box, sign up for Frontegg.

You can sign up with an email and name or using one of the social login options.

After you sign up, follow the on screen prompts as our new customer journey guides you through the remaining steps below.

STEP 2: Enter Your Company Name

Enter your company name.

STEP 3: Customize Styles

Tailor the login box to your brand so that it fits seamlessly into your application:

  • select your primary color
  • add your company logo


Logo Recommended

We recommend you add a logo to help increase your number of new signups. But the logo is optional.

STEP 4: Select Authentication Flow

Set how users log in to your application.

Choose from multiple OAuth options.

We offer passwordless, enterprise SSO, popular social logins, and password login.


Best Practices

The default configurations are the best practices and what we recommend.


Go passwordless!

Select magic code or magic link to use passwordless authentication.

STEP 5: Enter Security Settings

Protect your visitors from fraud and password theft with security features designed and built by security experts.

Select which security features you want from our robust list of options.

The list includes features like MFA by choice, device fingerprinting, session management, recaptcha, and various password protection features.


If you go passwordless, the password protection features are not relevant for you.

You now have a Frontegg account and a personalized login box.

You now can explore more.


Your 30-day free trial starts now.

During the free trial, you will have access to all the professional features in the Scale and Starter plans. Learn more about our plans on Frontegg's pricing page.

Integrate Login Box

Integrating the login box into your application requires only a few easy steps.

  • select your application's tech stack
  • choose environment and enter url
  • open the login box in the browser

Click the test it button.


You only see the test it button if you have not yet integrated the Builder to your app. If you have already integrated the Builder, instead you should see a button for publishing changes to the Builder.

STEP 1: Select Tech Stack

Select which technology you are using to build your application.

Select from Next.js, React, Angular, and Vue.

STEP 2: Select Environment

Select development environment and input your development environment url.

We require you start with a development environment.

You can quickly and easily move to a Frontegg production environment when you are ready.


Read more about Frontegg environments.


The development environment url is the url where you are developing your application.

You now are ready to see your login box in the browser.

STEP 3: Open In Browser

To open your login box in the browser, integrate it into a new or existing application.

To integrate Frontegg into a new application, it takes one line of code.

We give you the code you need based on the tech stack you selected.

Copy the line of code and paste it into your terminal.

To integrate Frontegg into an existing application, follow our simple instructions.

We give you the instructions you need based on the tech stack you selected.

Open up a browser and go to your new login box!

After you integrate, you can manage the environment configurations.

Go to Environments ➜ [NAME OF ENVIRONMENT] .

For instance, go to the development environment at Environments ➜ Development. Here is an example.

Learn more about Environments.

Explore More

Use the builder to customize Frontegg even more to suit your needs.

You can continue customizing the styles, authentication flows, and security features.

You also can explore the profile, collaboration, engagement, and monetization options.


Find the login box by signing into your Frontegg Portal and clicking go to Builder.

There you go! You are now signed up and have Frontegg integrated into your application.

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