Audit Logs

As a SaaS company, your customers want to know how their users interact with their product.

This means you need to provide logging capabilities so that your SaaS customers can see what their users are doing in their software.

Building logging capabilities for SaaS customers is a hassle. The sheer size and complexity of actions to track, plus the precision you need to keep everything organized, accurate and updated, make it a challenging feature to build and maintain.

If compromised or incorrectly configured, they are useless.

Frontegg solves this problem for you.

Our fully-scalable multi-tenant audit log solution gets you closer to full-product maturity in no time at all.

The logs are tracking certain default events as soon as you implement Frontegg into your application.

It is customizable, secure, and provides comprehensive visibility into how users interact with customer applications.

Have peace of mind and stay focused on your core business knowing that your application is reliably logging user actions.

Get started now with Frontegg Audit Logs.

Watch this video to see Frontegg audit logs in action.

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