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Company Name while Sign Up

Why can't we provide 2 letter company name while sign up, it can be of 2 letters, eg. HP,LG Do we have an option to change it?

Invite User Page

How to change roles on the invite user page?

Sign up customization

How do I remove the company name while sign up

Lea santos

How this app run?


Está aplicación es mío buena lo juro usenla se la recomiendo

How can I get user details by id from the front end? (React)

Can I make API call with the user token in order to get details on other users in the organization?

Migration users from Vendor to Frontegg

We are evaluating how Frontegg will fit into our systems. We are having users with passwords hashed by Argon2. Is there a way to bulk migrate the users to Frontegg?

How do I change the login portal re-direct back to my domain's base url, so it instead re-directs to the page the user was previously going to?

e.g. when I navigate to https://my-webdomain.com/NotTheBaseUrl, and I am not yet signed it, I want the login portal that appears to continue my navigation to https://my-webdomain.com/NotTheBaseUrl, rather than https://my-webdomain.com/. I have the following line `const user = useAuthUser();` on that page, so the login portal appears automatically - which btw is a great and easy to use feature for checking a user's permissions within a React component or page. I just want to make the login portal to direct the user to the same URL they visited prior to logging in.

What is the recommended way to resize the headerImage

Hello. I want to increase my headerImage size on the login panel, but it is hidden inside a shadow-DOM, making it difficult to style. How do you recommend increasing its size (essentially, I want to change my logo's width from 50% to 100%)? I could grab the shadow element, then find the logo that way, but that's an ugly way to do it on each of my applications. I thought I should check here first.

Moving from Licensed to SAAS- Can you help us?

We have software now we are selling by the license for download- Can you help us move to cloudbased? It is on SQL