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Hi, are there SCIM APIs provided by frontegg? and if not, is there a plan to provide those soon? Thanks!

What is invitationToken on sso login and how i get it?

i try to login with google from the api and invitationToken is required i do i get it please?

Can I apply the same theme to Admin and login pages?

The Admin page should be configurable with the same parameters applied to the Login page. The pages need to have settings for Dark/Light Themes

NextJS: how can i use logout from useAuthActions

when using const { logout } = useAuthActions(); it keeps me logged in

How to use frontegg with Remix.run?

I am getting errors with @frontegg/react and @frontegg/nextjs Is there a way to use with Remix.run?

Vue + Nuxt3 support

Do you plan on supporting the Nuxt3 RC? If not, do you have a best practice for working with Nuxt3 middleware and Frontegg?

do you provide support for "vanilla JS"

Hi guys, I've tested frontegg with React and works pretty well, but I'm curious about a plain Vanilla JS support, because I'd like test this with some Svelte Apps, if you provide plain JS functions would be easy adaptable to Svelte or any other JS framework... thank you!

Test hook error "url must be an URL address"

Hi I am pointing hook to my local env but I am getting the "url must be an URL address" error. I slocal host not supported for testing? The hook is going to my .Net Core API The angular integration works just fine

Hasura integration?

hi guys, do you know if it's possible connect frontegg with Hasura similar to Auth0? or if this option will be available in a future?...seems that in order to use the JWT with hasura we need two custom fields: X-Hasura-Role and User-id....here is the information: https://hasura.io/docs/latest/graphql/core/auth/index/ thank you so much!...

Not working in Next.js application

I have implemented the authentication service using the Next.js application, and wrote the code as per the documentation. However, after clicking on "Click me to login", nothing is happening. Can you please check the next.js working issue?