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FrontEgg On Heroku

Hi ... Does FrontEgg works if we host our app to Heroku

How to log out a user in a React application?

I've followed the tutorial to add frontegg to my app, so far so good. Now I'm trying to add a button to log out my user, but I can't! I can't find any docs on how to log the user out. How do I log out a user from a React app?

Tutorial for native JS integration

Do you have one please? You're docs so that you do, but there isn't one that I can see.

Different way to get jwt token other than an API call

Hello, Is there any other way to get the jwt token other tha using /identity/resources/auth/v1/api-token. Because API-call taking longer to respond

Disable company name on sign up?

Hi! I've read another post about the same question, but I'm using the hosted login, so: How do I disable the company name on the hosted login? Best regards Jonas

Popup Hosted Integration

Is there any simple possibility to integrate Frontegg with an Popup Login Form? F.e. with Auth0 this is a no brainer: var webAuth = new auth0.WebAuth( { clientID: "xxx", domain: "xxx" responseType: "token" } ); webAuth.popup.authorize( { connection, owp: true }, (error, authResult) => { if( error ) { //handle it } else { webAuth.client.userInfo(accessToken, (err, user) => { if( err ) { reject(err); } else { //we are fine } } ); } } );

Django authentication

Hello! How I can implement django jwt authentication?

IS there a way to force a pasword expiration on some interval ?

We have security requirement to expire passwords every 90 days. How can we achieve this ?

Allow Origin option

Is there in detail description of allow Origin option in settings of front egg?

my subscrption expired

how can i renew