Release 2022.05.02

🌞 There are mayjor changes coming down the Frontegg Pipeline! We May tell you about some of the special new features bellow. What are they? Don't ask May, read for yourself! It's going to be an A-mayzing month!
Have I overused this joke? Maybe...

Release 2022.04.13

🌻 Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming and the Frontegg’s are hatching! This month we have a big webhook release, API improvements, and support for Vue coming you way. We’re moving with a spring in our step!

Release 2021.10.28

Scary season is upon us, and we’re creepin it real 🕷️ 🧟 🧛 👻 🎃
Check out this months haunting updates!

Release 2021.10.7

Ah, Autumn time. The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is in the air, and Frontegg's releasing new features - what could be better? Trick or treat yo' self!

Release 2021.8.26

This month was a hot one - and not just because of the heat!


Release 2021.7.22

New Features 💥


Release 2021.5.27

New Features 💥


Release 2021.4.29

This week was all about security - so keep reading to find out more about how to keep your users’ passwords safe & sound.


Release 2021.4.15

This week we had some fun creating some new features for you. We added new social logins, role levels and email customization.


Release 2021.4.1

This week was packed with adding a new framework to our roster, some password history and automatic audit logs - scroll down to see the deets.