Using Frontegg's hooks you can subscribe to different events triggered on your Frontegg account.
With hooks, you can customize authorization, authentication, and other user flows to best suit your needs.

There are two types of hooks:

  • Prehooks - should be used when you want to apply a certain logic or influence the event before it happens
  • Webhooks - when you want to trigger workflows post the event occurrence.


Frontegg hooks are sent from below IPs

In order to verify the hook's signature using x-webhook-secret header, you should use a method from your backend library.

For example, for Node.js you could use the below function:

jwt.verify(<x-webhook-secret-value>, <the secret in the dashboard on bhook settings>)

On Each Hook, Settings tab there is a secret field that you should use for the verification.


Read our guides about working with Frontegg's Prehooks and Webhooks solutions: