Frontend SDK


The Entitlements frontend SDK allows you to query whether a user is entitled to access a feature. We currently support the following SDKs:


  • The user should enable entitlements by configuration.
  • Note that an exception will occur if you won't enable entitlements first and try to run the queries.

Data Update Frequency

Entitlements-data is cached and refreshed in the following instances:

  • Every 30 seconds.
  • Upon refreshing tokens.
  • Upon on-demand refresh trigger (will be explained per SDK).


  • Every SDK introduces three ways to query whether a user is entitled to feature access or permission. every function returns an object containing the following two fields:
    • isEntitled -
    • justification - when the user is not entitled with one of the following values: "MISSING_PERMISSION" / "MISSING_FEATURE" / "BUNDLE_EXPIRED"


Note: Entitlement functions should be performed only if the user is authenticated. Please refer to the relevant SDK for more information.