Deployment Types

The Frontegg Cloud Backend is available via two deployment modes:

Fully Managed - Where data is being handled securely via the Frontegg cloud.

Hybrid Mode - Where you install on private cloud / on-prem the relevant data-sensitive parts of the Frontegg solution in order.

Fully Managed

Using the Fully Managed mode means that the data is being proxied from your application API gateway to Frontegg cloud and you enjoy Frontegg's offerings As A Service.

Using the Fully Managed mode you have these benefits:

  • Fully managed and scalable
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Security measurements for each of the routes
  • Immediate updates and patch deployments

Hybrid Mode

Using the hybrid mode, Frontegg allows installing the experiences on the SaaS vendor's private cloud, whether it's on-prem OR on your private cluster.

As Frontegg adopts k8s natively, the installation is available using our public helm charts available on Github.

Installing on Local Environments

For example, installing the hybrid Secure Access experience is available using the following commands:

helm repo add frontegg
helm repo update
helm upgrade --install <release> frontegg/secure-access ./

Upon installation of the charts, you will have Frontegg's Secure Access experience running on your local k8s cluster.


Access to our Private Dockers

The hybrid installation is available by request and as part of the installation, you will get from us a private API key in order to access these private containers

How Does it Work?

Unlike the fully managed mode, on the hybrid mode you are required to setup the databases, queues, and every other piece of infrastructure which is required by the chart in order to run.

The personal data of your customers will be saved locally while the non-PII data (such as templates and general configurations) will be saved on the Frontegg cloud and will be synced down to the local environment (therefore hybrid mode).


Outbound Connectivity

Using the hybrid mode still requires outbound connectivity from your cluster to the Frontegg cluster.

We do offer a fully disconnected mode by request.

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