Configuring Builder

Use the Builder to customize your Frontegg application.

Configure your login box and security settings in addition to the features for your admin portal.



Admin Portal

The admin portal consists of the Profile, Collaboration, Engagement, and Monetization pages.

Get Started

The first step in using the Builder is to follow the Get Started guide to complete the initial setup.

When you sign up for Frontegg, follow the on screen prompts as our new customer journey guides you through setting up the Builder.

You configure your login box and security settings for the first time by:

  • customizing the style of the login box
  • setting user authentication flows
  • configuring security features

It takes just a few minutes to complete.

When working with the Builder, you also need to know about Environments because enabling certain settings in the builder requires that you enter credentials in your project Environments.


For Example

Enabling social logins or SSO in the Builder requires that you enter the credentials for those in the Environments.

Next Steps

After completing the Get Started guide, you can edit the login box and security settings.

You also can configure the admin portal by editing the Profile, Collaboration, Engagement, and Monetization pages.

Just like when you setup your Builder, after editing it you might need to update the settings in your Environments. Consult the relevant guide if you are unsure.


Editing Builder

For edits to the Builder to take effect, commit and publish them.

Builder Location

Find the Builder by logging into the Frontegg Portal.

Go to Home.


Click the button to go to the Builder.



In the image above, you also see Environments. Click the relevant environment to view and edit its settings.