Frontegg's role-based solution for managing users makes it easy to implement and assign roles giving you maximum ability to customize which users can access the various parts of your application. Role-based access control is a very common approach for restricting access to parts of an application to only authorized users.

A user's access to information and functionality in your application is defined by the roles assigned to the user. Every user has one or more roles. Each role is defined by the group of permissions assigned to that role. Each permission corresponds to the ability to do something in your application.

The way you design roles in Frontegg is intuitive and behaves as you would expect from any standard role-based system. We do, however, have a few unique features explained in our guides.

With just a few clicks you can define multiple roles and assign them to users. Read our guides to learn more.


Learn how to create and manage roles


Learn how to create and manage permissions