Enabling SSO

Here is how to enable SSO in the Frontegg Portal.

Go to Home ➜ Builder ➜ Login Box.

In the left panel, toggle the switch to on for each SSO standard you want to enable.



Commit and publish your changes in the Builder for them to take effect and to configure them in your Environments.

Manage SSO

Configure the credentials for each SSO standard you enable in the Builder.

Go to Environments ➜ [NAME OF ENVIRONMENT] ➜ Authentication ➜ SSO.


For instance, go to the development environment at Environments ➜ Development ➜ Authentication ➜ SSO.



Remember to commit and publish your changes.


If you do not see SSO in the sidebar or an SSO standard is missing, enable it in the Builder.

Configure SSO

For each SSO standard you enable in the Builder, click the corresponding button to configure it by entering the required information.

A list of guides to help you configure SSO.

Although configuration is straightforward, our guides streamline the process by telling you what information you need and where to find it. Feel free to skip the guides if you already know where to find the required information.


Moving Environments

When moving a project from one environment to another, Frontegg moves the SSO environment configurations for you. For instance, if moving from development to production, Frontegg moves the development SSO configurations to production.