Manage customer accounts.


Check out the API reference to learn how to work with customer accounts using the Frontegg API. Here are some routes and resources to review to get started. Accounts are referred to as Tenants in the API.

Account MFA

Manage the MFA settings for individual accounts.

Go to Environments ➜ [NAME OF ENVIRONMENT] ➜ Test ➜ Accounts.

Click on the customer account to configure its MFA policy.



Configure the MFA settings globally by following the guide for working with MFA.

Whether a user requires MFA depends upon which accounts they belong to.


Strict Configuration

In addition to the global vs customer distinction, a tenant can set its own MFA policy. In the event of a conflict MFA policies, Frontegg always enforces the stricter configuration.

For instance, if global forced MFA is enabled and set to Force or Force except SAML but a tenant does not require MFA, a user is nonetheless required to use MFA.

Configure Account SSO

Add, edit, and delete SSO configurations on behalf of a customer.

Go to Backoffice β†’ Accounts.

You have the option to configure SSO for your Account.

Click on the Account menu for the relevant Account.

Select SSO configurations.


Fill out the form with the customer's SSO configurations.